Tervetuloa, naapuri!

Neighbourgoods is a platform for all of us to locally connect with services and products close to us.

The idea was born when the coronavirus pandemic hit our neighbourhood, forcing people to stay home and closing our favourite restaurants and boutiques. Suddenly, the whole world was on hold, and while the situation was the same for all of humankind, people had to stay in isolation in ways that were new to many of us.

With people locked inside their homes, we felt the common itch to get back at doing something useful. On social media we saw a growing number of people selling self made crafts and home baked treats. We saw an enormous potential here to start something completely new.

With the app we can give people that operate from their homes opportunities and at the same time grow togetherness in each neighbourhood.

Neighbourgoods app makes it possible for the user to offer their self-made goods and services and connect with like minded people from their area.

Whether you are a home chef, love handicrafts, live for arts or design or want to find individual products and support your local talents, we are connecting you with the people in your area.

Our goal is to match people with their potential clients and help our users to support individuals by shopping locally. By doing so, we aim to create a spirit of sharing and community for those that value personality, originality and eco friendly.