Support Neighbourgoods’s community and team by donating money or materials.

Support community work – art & culture.

Donation destination:
Events & artists: support Neighbourgoods’s community and artists with the making and the preparations for our future public events.
R&D: support our team and platform to improve and deliver better services in the future.

For money donation:

1- Via bank transfer

Neighbourgoods Oy

FI84 7997 7993 3695 65



2- Via Moble pay +358 44 912 11 59


Please note:

For money donation > Donation destination should be mentioned as a message in the donation transaction.

For materials donation please contact via email / Whatsapp +358 44 912 11 59

Thanks in advance 🙂


Neighbourgoods’s collection permit: 
RA/xxx/xxx from 1 November 2021 (National Police Administration 18 August 2021)
The fundraising funds are intended to be used for the cultural public benefit activities of the city of Helsinki and to promote art & culture in accordance with the foundation’s rules through the following means:
  1. by allocating funds to all people both as art & culture viewers and art & culture makers
  2. by supporting taking performances to closed institutions or to people who cannot attend regular cultural activities.
The fundraising funds are intended to support the making of high-quality domestic cultural events aimed at all people. In addition to this, the purpose is to support all art & culture makers by enabling mentoring activities and by helping the development of creating cultural events by artists, social art activities and social entertainment and interaction.
The purpose of the fundraising funds is to support taking artistically high-level performances and art workshops to healthcare and social work units, prisons and reception centers. In addition, research art & culture work is supported together with people who are marginalized in different ways and stigmatized by ignorance, prejudice and discrimination.