Welcome to Neighbourgoods!

We are a platform for home chefs, food lovers, cuisine enthusiasts, food producers, farmers, handicraft artists, any type of artists. We are currently building our network and the first sellers will soon be visible on our Facebook page.

Contact us if you want to be part of Neighbourgoods and we will create a profile for you with your information and the products you are offering. The products will be safely sold door-to-door either by pick up or delivery.

Our idea

Like Airbnb of home-chefs, Uber for pastry makers, Resq for DIY stuff, or a Tinder meets Restaurant day kinda thing…

Neighbourgoods aims to be an easy-to-use platform, where sellers of home-made products meet their clients. The service is based on mobile/web app that connects the customer´s needs to an available product, based on the category of goods, location, delivery-time, price. The sellers function through their personal profiles and build-up their Neighbourgood reputation. The customers give feedback not only to build up an honest and trustworthy reputation, but also to help the provider to further develop their product. The monetary transaction, and even the delivery if needed, will be handled through the app and by the company, which then takes a small percentage out of each transaction.

The idea for Neighbourgoods came about when the global Covid-19 pandemic hit our neighbourhoods and forced our favourite restaurants to close (including our own) and forced everyone to stay indoors. Many quite quickly got bored with the five dishes they are used to cooking. We personally knew the mass of potential, waiting at home, itching to get back to do something. We heard rumors of people selling their home-cooked treats, we saw random posts on social media, but couldn’t find a platform – a place where they could be easily found, all together in one click. That is why we wanted to create Neighbourgoods.

Our team

Wisam Abboud is the driving force behind Neighbourgoods. Wisam has years of experience as an entrepreneur in several fields of retail, import, manufacturing and most recently as a restaurateur. He founded and grew a restaurant from a tiny pop-up to a two-location local phenomenon in just three years.

However, Wisam is not doing this alone. With him there is a team of three individuals bringing their own expertise into the pot. Eero Löytökorpi is a marketing and visual communications specialist with significant experience in social media and viral marketing. Aija Salovaara is an expert in communications, media production and culture all around. Janne Salovaara, a brother to Aija, a cousin to Eero and a brother-in-friendship to Wisam has a background in a bit of this and a bit of that but has lately focused his efforts in researching different expressions of social sustainability in the University of Helsinki.

Although our group is already plenty, we’d like to make it bigger and better. If the Neighbourgoods sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, do contact Wisam and talk it through. We are still in the initial steps with our startup.

Become our partner

At the moment we are looking for partners in few different areas. As with all startups at this stage, we are looking for funding in form of angel investment and seed capital. We’re making the rounds and doing our best to get over this valley. However, we aim to quickly turn our idea into a working app and a revenue producing company and steer to look for another round of minority investors as well as other strategic partners for all the other novel ideas we have for Neighbourgoods.

If you’re interested in meeting us, or are immediately smitten by the idea and want to join, or just want to talk to us about whatever will come down the road, contact Wisam!

Our contact info

For all partner and media inquiries, contact:

Wisam Abboud   +358 44 912 1159   wisam(at)neighbourgoods.fi

For general inquiries write to: contact(at)neighbourgoods.fi, or use this form!